The Rotunda inspires...


The single most beautiful, arichitecturally brilliant event space in Oakland.  Home to dozens of Oakland's smartest , politically connected and financially savvy firms, the owner's marketing acumen  and philanthropic nature opens to non profits, political companies, mayors needing to be married and high end Oakland Hills girls  looking for an MTV inspires Sweet Sixteen. While the Rotunda's dramatic shaping proves a challenge for acoustics, the venue's impeccable environment and the quality on site staff make up for it.  An extra star to Midge Walterhouse, who with this part time job that seems like a 3 person gig, manages this place as smooth as silk. Sean S. , Oakland, CA

The Rotunda building is magnificent. From the outside it does not look so special but once you are inside you can feel it. Tonight I went to a charity auction event at the Rotunda for my daughter's school. They did a fantastic job getting everything just right for the event. I think everyone was very pleased. The entire evening was a success and it was easy to get home. I would recommend this venue for a special event or charity auction. It is a crowd pleaser. Lee R


My fiancĂ© and I knew the Rotunda was the perfect place for our March wedding the moment we stepped foot inside.   The building's multi-level architecture, grand staircase, and domed ceiling were definite wow factors, but the venue also had all the elements on our wish list...enough space for 270+ guests, more unique than a hotel ballroom, in the East Bay, easy parking, and only 20 minutes from our ceremony location.

If you are interested in the Rotunda, my advice would be to inquire early.   We secured our date over a year in advance in addition to hiring the services of Midge Walterhouse, the Event Coordinator for the building.  Getting Midge as our planner was one of the best decisions we could have made for the wedding.  She connected us with trusted vendors, coordinated appointments, handled payments, kept a close eye on our budget, and the day of the wedding took care of all the endless details at the church and reception!  Midge is very sweet, listens to what you want, will do the research and negotiating, and make sure everything is what you envisioned.    

The Rotunda Building is definitely a best kept secret of the East Bay.  I would highly recommend it to any couple for their wedding and/or reception.  It is unique, dramatic, and can stand on its own without tons of extra frills.  In summary, we could not have asked for a more perfect place to celebrate our most important day together. Amanda M

  • AMAZING!!!  I have gone to many events at this location over the years.  I am impressed by it all!  They really know what they are doing!!  Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! Gia



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